Criminal justice won this year's mid-term

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Leading up to Election Day, LEAP speakers played a major role in criminal justice and drug policy reform efforts across the country, and yesterday, our hard work paid off! 

Five key state campaigns successfully spoke out for more rational and effective policies with LEAP’s help:

• Florida: Amendment 4 passed, meaning more than one million people who have served their time for felony convictions will have their right to vote restored.

• Louisiana: Amendment 2 passed, ending non-unanimous juries in felony trials, a practice established under Jim Crow to maintain white supremacy in the state.

• Michigan: Prop 1 passed, legalizing and regulating adult use of marijuana. 

LEAP speakers and other experts campaigned for legal marijuana ahead of Tuesday's vote.
(L-R) Retired Canton Twp. Police Sgt. Steve Miller, retired Michigan State Police Sgt. Ted Nelson, retired Wayne County Sheriff's detective and state Sen. Vincent Gregory, LEAP executive director Neill Franklin, retired Bath Twp. Police detective and lobbyist Howard Wooldridge, and Impaired Driving Safety Commission appointee Margeaux Bruner. (Source: Amy Biolchini |

• Oregon: Measure 105 was successfully defeated, blocking a repeal of laws protecting local police from being compelled to enforce federal immigration policies.

• Washington: Initiative 940 passed, requiring law enforcement to receive de-escalation, mental-health, and first-aid training; and to change standards for use of deadly force, adding "good faith" and independent investigation standards similar to those other states have successfully implemented.

Our speakers made more than 30 appearances in key states leading up to Election Day, giving interviews and live presentations, writing op-eds and letters to the editor, appearing in campaign ads, and serving as the law enforcement voice for reform. LEAP was instrumental in getting these measures across the finish line. We are so proud of our speakers’ tireless efforts and outstanding impact.

There’s still work to be done. Ohio’s Issue 1, which aimed to downgrade many nonviolent drug felonies to misdemeanors and bring a focus to rehabilitation and treatment, was defeated, as was North Dakota’s Prop 3, which aimed to legalize marijuana for adult use and expunge marijuana convictions. Though we’re disappointed in the outcomes in those states, we know that we’ve made significant progress. Our fight will continue, stronger than ever, and we will see real change, even in the places where we’ve struggled hardest. Especially in those places, because that’s where change is most needed. That’s where LEAP is most needed. 

Thank you for being a part of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Supporters like you help get our speakers where they need to be, get our message to the masses, and – most importantly – drive our speakers and staff to keep working toward real, tangible change to our criminal justice and drug policies. Our collective public safety depends on it, so you can count on LEAP to keep things moving in the right direction.

In solidarity,

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
Executive Director