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"We're pretty stubborn and set in our ways, and we need to change that."

New LEAP speaker and Georgia police officer Captain Donnie James ensures his department properly responds to mental health crises. In this interview, he talks about crisis response protocol, how his department collaborates with local support services, and the importance of cross-disciplinary training in police academies. Originally from a small town in South Georgia, Capt. James left after high school to join the military. After 8 years in the military, he ended up in Chicago, where he was a police officer for a few years. He came home to Georgia to raise his son and continued his policing career in the Atlanta area.

*The views expressed in this interview are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of his department.*Mikayla Hellwich: How would you describe DeKalb County?

Capt. James: It’s part of the Atlanta Metro area – about 280 square miles, covering the whole east side. It’s very diverse. You have all cultures and events occurring around you in affluent neighborhoods an…