LEAP Endorses Washington's Initiative 940

For Immediate Release: 11.2.2018
Contact: Mikayla Hellwich

Law Enforcement Says De-Escalation Training, Accountability Critical to Public Safety

Today, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) would like to announce our endorsement of Washington’s Initiative 940, which would mandate de-escalation and mental health training for police and create a fair, independent process to investigate deadly use-of-force incidents. The proposed law is intended to reduce violent and deadly interactions between civilians and police, protect those with mental illnesses, and improve the accountability process in law enforcement.

“In many situations, de-escalation protects officers and the communities they serve better than a gun ever could. I-940 provides such training. It builds trust. It saves lives.” - Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper (Ret.), advisory board member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership.

"More training for officers is almost always a good thing. Current and former law enforcement professionals should welcome the opportunity to better understand our communities. Nearly half of the people we are sworn to protect and serve who are killed by the police have some type of disability — learning how to protect them better should be a priority for all police." - Arthur L. Rizer, Director of Criminal Justice Policy at the R Street Institute and former Patrol Officer, Cheney Police Department.

The visibility of lethal use-of-force cases and the resulting public outcry has significantly damaged the relationships between civilians and police. Research shows people who don’t trust police are less likely to report a crime.

LEAP supports I-940 because increasing training requirements and establishing better accountability and transparency measures has a lasting impact on the effectiveness of law enforcement and community safety - and saves lives.

The Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) is a nonprofit group of police, judges, prosecutors, and other criminal justice professionals who use their expertise to advance public safety solutions.


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