LEAP Endorses Florida's Amendment 4

For Immediate Release: 10.30.18
Contact: Mikayla Hellwich

Police, Corrections Officials Say Measure Will Help Convicted Felons Rejoin Society

Today, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) would like to announce our endorsement of Florida’s Amendment 4, a law that would restore voting rights to most convicted felons who have completed their sentences. The law is designed to improve the reintegration process for formerly incarcerated people.

"When you run a jail system for 27 years like I did, you understand the mission is to keep people from returning once they leave. There are a lot of ways to prevent recidivism, but research tells us one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods is to restore voting rights for those who have served their time because it removes the final barrier preventing them from fully reintegrating into their communities." – Col. David Parrish (Ret.), retired police officer and jail director, Hillsborough County.

"The existing voter restoration process in Florida is arbitrary and lets powerful politicians make a decision that should be left to voters. The people of our state deserve better." – Sheriff Jim Manfre (Ret.), Palm Coast.

"Most of us have had second chances in some aspect of our lives. Studies prove that the hope of inclusion, and specifically the chance to vote, can lower the risk of re-offending as people re-enter their communities after justice has been fully served. Pay forward your second chance by voting Yes on Amendment 4 and you could be helping to reduce crime and future prison costs." – Assistant Chief John Bennet (Ret.), Tampa.

The Law Enforcement Action Partnership is a nonprofit group of police, judges, prosecutors, corrections officials, and other criminal justice professionals who use their expertise to advance public safety solutions. LEAP joined the coalition to restore voting rights to formerly convicted felons in Florida because reintegration is a key component to disrupting the cycle of crime and keeping communities safe. 


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