Press Release: Nat'l Leaders in Law Enforcement Agree on Mental Health, Justice System Solutions

  National Leaders in Law Enforcement Agree on Mental Health, Justice System Solutions

The nation’s first response to mental health crises is often dangerous for all involved, say experts.

April 10, 2019 – (DENVER, COLO.) – The way we currently address mental health amounts to a public health crisis, say law enforcement department and policy leaders. The lack of access to mental health care for many communities places an overwhelming burden of mental health crisis management on public safety agencies. Law enforcement experts have just released a priority list for community-based reforms, produced in collaboration with The Equitas Project, a non-profit organization working nationally at the intersection of mental health and criminal justice.

"Jails and prisons are not designed to be mental health facilities. Police are not trained to be social workers or counselors, and the criminal system is no place for people with mental illnesses. We have to seriously reinvest in proper mental he…

Op-Ed: Arizona Needs Real Criminal Justice Reform

First published in print by the Arizona Republic
April 5th, 2019

Officer Jack Wilborn (Ret.)
Speaker, The Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

In January, a bipartisan coalition of both liberals and conservatives stood alongside nearly 100 formerly incarcerated people gathered at the Statehouse to make the case for HB 2270, a bill to create fair and just sentencing in Arizona. It was an inspiring day filled with personal stories, powerful policy arguments, and the people most impacted by Arizona’s broken criminal justice system speaking directly to those with the power to change it. 

These are the voices we need, at the moment we need them.

Yet Arizona’s House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Allen decided to ignore these voices for change and instead bow to pressure from the same tough-on-crime prosecutors who got us into this mess. Allen let the legislative hearing deadline come and go without considering HB 2270 and other key reform bills, handing a major setback to bipartisan r…

"If you see a machine that looks like a tank rolling down your street, people are going to wonder whether they’re safe in their own neighborhood."